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The Office of Student Support was organized in 2011 as a way to provide comprehensive service to students of concern. Working in cooperation with the Dean of Students Office, the office serves as the primary resource for managing referrals and student issues related to crisis intervention. The office will make referrals to the Campus Assessment & Intervention Team, as necessary.

Individuals concerned about a Mason student are encouraged to share their concerns if they:

  • observe behavior which could reasonably lead one to be concerned for the student’s safety, or for the safety of those around him/her;
  • feel threatened by the student, whether by action or direct verbal threat;
  • observe new behavior, different from a previously established pattern of behavior, that causes concern to the observer.

Although the above list is by no means comprehensive, it is intended to provide guidelines for behaviors which may fall under the scope of this process’ authority.


The Office of Student Support provides comprehensive services for students in an effort to foster the safety and well-being of the Mason community.  Office staff assists students who are encountering barriers to their academic success or personal growth.  In doing so, the office helps students negotiate life situations by connecting them with appropriate campus and off-campus resources and implementing individualized action plans.  Additionally, in circumstances where students might harm themselves or others, the office collaborates with various campus departments on eliminating the potential risk. 

Presentation Request

OSSCM staff is available to present to your department or group about assisting students of concern. If you would like to request a presentation, please fill out the Presentation Request Form.